Dr. Woldai to “open mic” with Ertirean TV, concluded by saying “Just let just hope


Dr. Woldai Futur Director of Eritrean Investment Center extended his invitation for investment for more intensive investment since the instruction is better than the last two decade. “The higher risk you take the higher you gian in return ” as we intended to minimize the risk by offering these two conference to look to the way-out for a solid investment. All sectors of the economy are open for investment; even foreigner can join as far Eritreans first take this opportunity as the foundation. The local Eritreans are one of our main targets to develop as well as we invite Eritrea from the diaspora. It is a three way of participation. Every Eritreans in term of gender and ethnicity need to be part of this process and chance within the new investment opportunity we started already. Just let start!

2 thoughts on “Dr. Woldai to “open mic” with Ertirean TV, concluded by saying “Just let just hope

  1. It is very inspiring to the merchants and all Eritreans interested in investing their wealth in their own country. The steps toward investment could open a numbers of job apportunities to the futere demoblize army cruw ..Good move Eritrer

  2. The Eritrean Government did its part, it is up to the investors to think participating in production (manufacturing) to fulfill the goal. Eritrea need to produce and export! Eritrea’s future is bright!

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