Ahmed Omer Sheikh is free!

أحمد عُمر شيخ

Ahmed Omer Sheikh is free!

It is a great’s news to know that {Journalist, poet and novelist} Ahmed Omer Sheikh is free on Sunday evening 12/23/2021. The writer is famous in Eritrea as one of the winner of the Eritrean “Raimoq Award for both 1995 & 1997” together with Mr. Alemseged Tesfay whom jointly won the big winners ever of Raimoq. Mr. Sheikh Studied at King Abdulaziz University, work within the Ministry of Information in Eritrea after the independent with a great number of talented journalist, whom contributed widely to enhance and advance the ministry.

Mr. Sheikh is a known modern writer among Arabic writers in Eritrea, as he published many books in literature in the field of poem and novels {Nurai– 1997-, Alashria-1999, & Ahzan almatar-2001, and three books of poetry, 1993, 1994, & 2003}. Some of his poems were translated to English in a book titled “Who Needs a Story?” a contemporary Eritrean poetry in Tigrinya, Tigre & Arabic, which was translated and edited by both Charles Cantaloupe and Ghirmai Negash. Mr. Sheikh is one of the pioneer Eritreans contributed to develop the media of Eritrea, as he worked since the independence in the Eritrean national radio and television, started in 1992 as anchor, director and writer.

Who need a stroy

The news comes as one of the greatest gift for the new year to all Journalists and writers inside Eritrea and the Diaspora, as the writer is among the first national services in (Sawa) a freedom fighters of their country and firm lovers of their land Eritrea, a generation defended the sovereignty of Eritrea during the aggression, where they proof Eritrea well be defended and progress as far it birth a loyal and devoted generation after another like poet, novelist and journalist Ahmed Omer Sheikh and more.

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