President Isaias Afewerki today met and held talks with President Omer Hasen Albeshir.

Asmara, 2 February 2013 – President Isaias Afewerki today met and held talks here in the capital with the President of the Republic of Sudan H.E Field-marshal Omer Hassen Ahmed Albeshir. In the meeting the two sides held extensive talks and exchanged views on the development of various Sudanese issues and issues of mutual concern.
This visit shad the light about the many speculation in Eritrea, since several media outlet tried extensively to perceive the government of Eritrea is lucking peace within its institutions by producing different scenarios including the death of the Eritrean president and other officials together with the death of ministry of  defence in reference to what is known by the Ministry of Information incident, which was attempted by a very handful members of the defence force .

Amb. Girma Asmerom

It’s to be remember that the Eritrean Ambassador Girma Asmerom’s elaborate on the issue from his office in Addis Ababa by saying in a abrupt statement that, “The spin-doctors who have deliberately targeted the Eritrean People and Government, nine months ago said that the President is dead. Today they are saying there is an “attempted military coup”. I am sure that tomorrow they will come up with fabricated news. Rest assured that the President is healthy; and Eritrea is a peaceful country and its people and army are fully concentrating on their economic development agenda and protection of their sovereignty.”
At the same line of thought the Ambassador gave his analogy on the subject matter by saying what happen in Eritrea is not and will not be a “coup d’états” as he said to those media , “As is the case all over the world an armed crazy, stupid and terrorist individual or group can take stupid actions such as kidnapping of individuals or taking hostages by raiding government and private institutions and offices. Such isolated incidents which frequently occur in the West are considered terrorist acts. I don’t understand why in Africa they are considered coup d’états. It is the highest form of double standard and hypocrisy.”

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