A visit to over five States by high-level delegation from Eritrea underway by starting visiting Los Angeles

The people celebrates with the leadership the 22 years of Independent of Eritrea

Denver (CAP), May 21, 2013. Starting from last week a high-level delegation to the U.S visited the U.N lead by H.E. Mr. Osman Saleh Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Eritrea and a as they attended The United Nations High-Level Meeting on the Appraisal of the Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons Sixty Seventh Session of the UN General Assembly Agenda Item 103 (Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice).

H.E. Mr. Osman Saleh Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Eritrea

The delegation extended their visit by a follow up visit to conduct a widespread visit to over five States in the U.S just to meet portion of the Eritrean Americans leaving in the U.S as their second home, a phenomenon no other than Eritrean officials does by delegates comes to the U.S.
The first takeoff was to Los Angeles, CA as they will follow by devoting two delegates supported by staff from their embassy in Washington to address the wide community concerns, as they will update their audience and discuss about development within Eritrea, regionally, globally and more, a culture Eritreans developed across the 30 years of their struggle and 22 years as they headed their nation building.

Speak to the people
The first report was extensively spread in the social media as we quote the following, “The 22nd anniversary of Eritrean Independence Day was celebrated in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 18, 2013 with great zeal and enthusiasm by Eritrean Americans and friends residing in the area. What made this year’s celebration so special was the present and speech given by Eritrean Foreign Affairs’ Minister, H.E. Mr. Osman Saleh and a representative from the Eritrean embassy in Washington DC, Mr. Dawit Haile. During the speech Minister Osman gave a detailed explanation about the current situation of Eritrea and all the major strides made in various sectors; addressed all questions raised by some of the participants and finally urged the gathering to join the rank and file of the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ).”


The people
Followed to the above important meeting, the community celebrated with delight and cheerfulness as the report said, “The event also featured a cultural performance by local Hidri groups, fashion show, congratulatory messages from the A.M. E church. “

Cultural performance
As much Eritreans celebrate their victories they’re focus as well to capitalize on how to enhance their human capacity as the report mentioned the engagement of the leadership with the civil organizations and it is important to conduct – a face to face – exchange with delegate from other cities within California came to meet with them, which obvious was mentioned in the report as they confirm that, “On the other hand, Minister Osman held separate meetings with members of YPFDJ, PFDJ 1 and 2, NUEW, Mekete members of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego and Las Vegas”.

 the engagement of the leadership with the people , civil organizations
The two delegates to the five states has already finished as of today, another meeting in Seattle, WA led by Mr. Yemane Ghebreab the special advisor to the Eritrean president, where both are expect to visit Atlanta, GA, Oakland , CA as the last one will be in Washington, DC by May 27.

It was reported as well in some Cyber web sites that,”In his characteristic congenial and sincere approach, Mr. Yemane Gebreab, Head of the Political Affairs of the PFDJ, told it the way it was when he gave an electrifying seminar to the residents of the Seattle Metro area this evening, Sunday 19th, 2013. In the Seattle Mahrekom , which was overfilled beyond capacity, he elucidated to his captive audience by methodically explaining many of the national aspects that matter most to Eritreans. Many of the participants had also opportunity to ask questions and/or provide helpful suggestions of their own.”

A pictorial view of the Los Angeles zeal as the people celebrates with the leadership the 22 years of Independent of Eritrea, what a true testimony and pride.

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