(CAP) Eritrean Australians ” a Father and Son” won the African Australians National Awards (2013)

Eritrea was among the “Celebration of African Australians National Awards (2013)” presented by Mr. Zamzame and his son Tahir. At the Parliament House Canberra –Celebrated the National Awards – Where many African Australians winners were awarded for their outstanding contribution as new immigrants among them was Mr. Hussen Zamzame from Eritrea.

It is to record that African Australians contribute so much to this great country. As many distinguish Africans contributed in many fields as -African Australians- to name a few in the area of Law, sports, medicine, and entertainment. Several others are captains of industry, entrepreneurs, politics and celebrities. In addition, many serve the government and community in various capacities.

Zamzmi. 7

The aims and objectives of the award were to honor, recognize and celebrate the contributions of Africans to any and/or all spheres of the Australian society including but not limited to: social, economic, political, and community engagements. As well as, recognize Australian organizations and individuals empowering and providing valuable services to the Australian African communities.

Zamzmi. 6

Mr. Zamzame was one of many Africans and Eritrean Australians awarded figure as well. This year what make it very special for Eritreans that a father and son born in Australia were both together representing the Eritrea community, and the son gave an outstanding speech captured the hearts and mind of the audience. Tahir said in his short speech, “This day makes me feel like the happiest kid in Australia, I’m very proud and I hope my father feel the same way to attend this meeting in Canberra today to celebrate African Australian friendship. When I get older I want to carry on my father’s work of helping Africans and other people to become friends with everyone in this wonderful country my name is Tahir Zamzame and I’m 10 years old I’m in year 4 at G.W.S.P.S. in Melbourne.

I am a young Eritrean African, I am a young Australian, I am an African-Australian, I am a proud African Australian child, I am strong and I have the power to be whoever and whatever I want to be, and that’s because I live in the lucky country, Australia my home. I dream of a strong and powerful Africa where children can be what they want to be Africa our motherland is never far away from my heart or my daily actions as I give thanks for my life and yes I believe that I can serve the people of Australia as a teacher, a scientist, a doctor or yes as a Prime Minister one day. Thank you for attending this special day for the African Australian celebration”
Zamzmi. 5
At that moment everyone was taken by his smart speech and applauded, praised and stood to greet him for his courage, loyalty and vision.
To follow on the event hereby a link where you can watch and learn for yourself about the day and the background of some of the many success of Africans in Australia : http://www.celebrateafricanaustralians.org/

Additional information was posted in the above website, “that Mr. Hussen Zamzame won the gold award in the social justice category in the 2002 premier’s public sector awards in a youth partnership with Arabic-speaking communities. This partnership is a join project that includes the NSW premiers department, the community relations commission for a multicultural NSW, The NSW police service, The NSW department of education and training, The NSW department of community services and the NSW department of sport & recreation.

He was also a member of the horn of African relief & development agency of Australia. He took it upon himself to give assistance to anyone in need always with sincerely and compassion. He has always said that we have to drive our team in this great land that is part of the ‘greater global family’ and would not refuse to help anyone in time of need. Those from the African community would always receive help in matter of searching for a job or gaining education.

Hussen has studied conflict management and was the mediator for the youth liaison team at the Australian College of Applied Psychology in 2002. He was also involved in the community services in South Western Sydney Institute in 2005.

Hussen was the first Eritrean to work on a broadcast for SBS radio for Eritrean listeners in 1994. He also completed the course in teacher training in the LOTE professional development program 1994 director of school education ethnic school association of Victoria.

He is a writer of articles of Arabic newspaper read in Australia-al nahar and al mesagble. He received an award from the Australian Arabic council for his great job as a stage manager for a theater production in 1998 at the tables turn theater at Darebin arts and entertainment canter. Also he was at work on film for new Australians titled ‘welcome to Australia’. He was the first Eritrean to write and direct a theatre at the RMIT studios in Victoria in 1996 working with young men and women.

Hussen was president for the Eritrean community in 2004. He has a Facebook page on which he shares with young Eritreans all-over Australia. The issue of improving the position of the Eritrean community.

Hussen is presently planning to create a news magazine for the horn of African community. His dream is to have a strong African community all working together under one umbrella and drive for a change and improvement in this free democratic country. ”

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