A Weekend of Celebrations with Guest honors from Eritrea in Denver

By: Senait Mackele

The joy, happiness, & pride

The community of Denver, Colorado was fortunate enough to be one of the cities that were visited by the Biddho Tour during late August. This also marked the early celebrations of the 52nd Bahti Meskerem Celebration.

The show 21

A week filled with unity, celebration, and the enjoyment of each other’s company.The guests were greeted into residents of the Eritrean Community throughout the week. These families opened up their homes and their lives as they enjoyed the company and honor of their presence. As families, friends, and guest sat around a living room enjoying Boon, Injera, and a piece of Eritrea in their very home; a true honor for these A Friday night evening consisted of members of YPFDJ showing them a night out on the town in Denver. This consisted of socializing and games of pool.

Salina 12

YPFDJ members were successful in executing this wonderful night, as it seemed these guests truly enjoyed their evening.
The Show 15

Saturday marked the official Biddho Tour Party. Families, friends, and supporters of the community came out and danced the night away. From Tigrinya, to Bilen, Tigre and Arabic, the dance floor was filled with people indulging in the music of our country.Even with the late night, the community came out in full throttle as everyone joined together for an afternoon BBQ in celebration of Bahti Meskerem.

YPFDJ members served up food, as children played in a bouncing castle, while women and men enjoyed shay’ee and boon in a circle of friends. Even members from the Biddho Tour and Salena Band came out and for the celebration! Food, music, dancing, and even a little entertainment by one of our young boys; provided entertainment for the entire day. 

This experience was proven to be a good indication that the Denver Community remains to be unified and harmonized as we warm heartedly accept fellow Eritreans and new friends into our lives.

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