(CAP) Dr. Machar layout his position to Mr. John Kerry & IGAD by saying there must be a “workable program” before we meet.




CAP. Denver Apr. 4,2014 .    Since the last visit of  secretary of U.S State Mr. John Kerry to Juba on Friday, the opposition leader in the Upper Nile state, Dr. Reik Machar in respond to the idea of “a power-sharing through a transitional government” by Mr. Kerry, as he had the chance to layout his conditions before the expected  negations which will be host by  IGAD an initiative fully supported now by the U.S for a face to face meeting with both the president of South Sudan Mr. Salve Kiir & Dr. Machar in Addis Ababa . Which Dr. Machar considering it’s ““may be counter-productive.” As at the same day, the US ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power Friday enforce the idea in NY by saying  “ the two South Sudanese leader must meet to reach an agreement to stop the suffering of South Sudanese as she did  emphasized that  “we urge president Kiir and Riek Machar to swiftly agree on a date for face to face talks”.

Cyber-Adal press found the following a very important points, as a foundation and core principles need to be considering, by those looking to mediate or would like assist to come over the ongoing crisis in South Sudan, since they are reflecting the opposing side. These following six points are summarized from recent exclusive interview with Sudan Tribune in undisclosed location in Upper Nile state, with Dr. Machar, the former vice-president turned rebel leader, revealed on yesterday Saturday 5/3/2014 as he had a lengthy phone discussions with the visiting US secretary of state, John Kerry, on how to end the four-month-old conflict in South Sudan.

Dr. Machar emphasized that the concern end need to look into:

1- The future governance of South Sudan as a state, need to restructure the state on the basis of a peace agreement and federal constitution.

2- He asked Mr. Kerry “what would be the purpose of transitional government? It would not be workable without a programme to implement before elections come”.

3- As well he mentioned to Mr. Kerry for a long outstanding issue that “We need to have a peace agreement first with a new constitution. Putting transitional government first is not realistic,”

4- He recalled that he was pushing for a democratic peaceful reform first within the ruling party (SPLM) , which it caused him to flee for his life and formed an armed resistance.

5- The serious matter that , he added, that Mr. Salve Kiir “ had lost legitimacy for orchestrating the “genocide” in Juba against the Nuer ethnic group in mid-December last year, saying people should not only speak about the killings in Bor or Bentiu while downplaying the genocide which took place in the national capital.

6- “I would agree to deployment of a “protection force” from the region as part of the current peacekeepers under the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), but not as a separate “deterrent force” that will fight against us like the Ugandan People’s Defence Force (UPDF),” he stressed.

Dr. Machar , however added he had a plan to meet with the Ethiopian prime minister Haile Mariam Desalegn any time soon and that the Ethiopian premier would inform him when to meet for consultations.

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