(CAP) A mass sport conducted in connection with June 20, Martyrs’ Day |



الإعلان عن إقامة فعاليات رياضية لإحياء ذكرى شهداء الثورة  الإريترية من خلال إقامة وتنشيط رياضة – العدو/ الجري –  التي  أشرف على تفعيلها وقدم لها العداء العالمي الأريتري / زرئ سناي . وأخرين حصلوا على جوائز عالمية الأن على المستوى العالمي. 

Asmara, 15 June 2014- Mass sport in connection with June 20, Martyrs’ Day, conducted today in Asmara under the theme “Remembering Our Martyrs’ Through Conducting Mass Sports”.

According to Mr. Tesfai Berhe, Head of the office of the National Holydays Coordinating Committee, the program which had been sponsored by Olympian Athlete Zerisenai Taddese in which Ministers, a number of parents, youth and children took part was aimed at remembering the martyrs who gave their lives for the freedom and sovereignty of their country and people.

He further indicated that the program is being conducted for the second time and has a strong message, and called on other regions to introduce similar activities.

The participants of the mass sport who said that “Our flag is flying high because of our martyrs”, expressed satisfaction for participating in the program.

Like wise 10 km race has been conducted in which male and female athletes took part.

Athletes Tesfaledet Negash and Adiam Abrham expressed satisfaction for participating in the program which has been organized in remembrance of the martyrs, and that they would live up to expectations to honor martyrs trust.

Athlete Zerisenai on his part called on the public to strengthen participation in such noble programs.


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