(CAP) 398 students graduate from Hamelmalo College of Agriculture with Masters, Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma |


398 students graduate from Hamelmalo College of Agriculture with Masters, Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma

Hamelmalo, 09 July 2014 –Hamelmalo College of Agriculture has graduated a total of 398 students, 121 of whom are females, with Masters, Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma in its seventh commencement.

Reports indicated that 22 and 244 students have graduated with Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees respectively, while another 152 obtained Diploma.

The students graduated in Agricultural Economy, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Extension, Agronomy, Animal Science, Horticulture, Land and Environmental Resources, as well as Veterinary Science.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Mr. Semere Amlesom, Dean of the College, said that the mission is to ensure food security on the basis of nurturing educated human resource, and indicated that stepped-up efforts are being exerted towards expanding modern Agriculture and rural  Agricultural development through conducting researches.

He went on to explain that the post graduate program is making significant impact as regards raising the capacity of nationals and substituting expatriate teachers.  Moreover, he pointed out that the College is currently engaged in activities to foster cooperation with a number of universities abroad in a bid to promote the active participation of teachers and students in research activities.

Also speaking on the occasion, Mr. Tesfai Gebreslasie, Minister of Land, Water and Environment, explained that the task of ensuring food security is among the priority objectives of the Government. He further noted the vitality of educated human resource vis-à-vis combating desertification. Mr. Tesfai called on the graduates to enhance role in national development programs on the basis of the knowledge they have acquired. 

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