(CAP) College of Health Science graduates a total of 477 students with Bachelors degree and diploma |

abc-july-12-news-garduatinAsmara, 12 July 2014 – The College of Health Science in Asmara has graduated a total of 477 students including 163 females with Bachelors Degree and Diploma today for the 6th time.

The graduating batch comprises 174 degree graduates and 303 diploma-holders, while the gradating faculties include that of Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health, among others.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony conducted with in the premises of the University of Asmara, Ms. Amina Nur-Hussein, Minister of Health, said that the nation-building process calls for the nurturing of a society which is equipped with knowledge and skill-knowhow. She also stated that the putting in place of various educational institutions nationwide attests to such government policy, and indicated that a total of 7 health colleges and schools are making remarkable input regarding human resource development so as to promote health service quality.

Also speaking on the occasion, Professor Berhane Girmai, Associate Dean of the College, explained that it has been working on priority basis pertaining to nurturing profession and ethical virtues in the health domain with a view to promoting societal wellbeing.

A representative of the graduates asserted that the members of the batch would serve the people with dedication.


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