(CAP) Denver post – Colorado’s African immigrants step up politically on Neguse candidacy!



Denver Nov. 6, 2014 . No matter that Joe Neguse an Eritrean Americans did not won in this election, many Eritrean Americans activist spoke to Cyber Adal as one of their leader Mr. Haile said , ” he still confirmed that young Eritrean Americans can run for office, and that what matter the most”
   Its to recall, that most of the Eritrean Americans felt it was “a dream came true” , when they support his campaign. As others follow up the same leader statement from the community by saying ”  No matter the democratic did not achieved their goals, still the experience inspired the community and the third generation of the Eritrean Americans particularly the grassroots.”  Where a mother of five said to ( CAP) ‘ together the Eritreans proofed as devoted & resilient they can do much in references to engagement and forward thinking within the mainstream.   

The above title was qouted from article written by the Denver Post during the election process, which was very remarkable and highly appreciated by the community leaders at large. Where it highlighted on the candidate background and confirmed more about the new generation we quote,

” The acceleration in African emigres is largely because of those who arrived early, bringing family, said Reed. She noted that in New York City, politicians are beginning to avail themselves to African immigrant communities not only for their numbers, but also for their strong tendency to vote and the increasing interest in donating to political campaigns.”

   CyberAdal press will conduct in the near future a workshop to highlight on the experience in more depth with many concern ends on: How they can evaluate the experience in Denver, and the way to capitalize on the outcome and the experience of Colorado in particularly, for all Eritreans in America and other communities at large.



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