(CAP) Eritrean government denounces human trafficking activities and would reinforce struggle against the crime |



Asmara, 01 December 2014 – The Eritrean Delegation to the meeting of the EU-Horn Africa Ministerial Conference in Rome city has denounced human trafficking activities and would reinforce its struggle against the crime.

The delegation headed by foreign Minister Osman Saleh underscored the need to draw up both concrete time framework and tangible action measures against the malaise.

Pointing out that Eritrea is exerting persistent efforts to create ground for education and work opportunities for the youths, the delegation again called on European countries to rectify their misguided policy regarding the issue.

Representatives of 28 EU member states and 10 African states, namely Eritrea, Libya, Republic of Sudan, Egypt, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya and Tunisia participated in the Conference.


Meanwhile, during its stay in Rome, the Eritrean delegation held talks with Ms. Federica Mogherini , the EU Foreign Policy Chief, and the Italian Internal Affairs Minister, and the country’s Deputy Foreign Minister, as well as the Vice Ministers of Justice of both the UK and Norway focusing on development and human trafficking .

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