Ministry of Justice organizes a two-day seminars |

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Ministry of Justice organizes seminars

Dekemhare, 08 July 2015 – The Ministry of Justice organized a two-day seminar for members of the National Security and Police forces at Dekemhare on the weekend for in-depth discussions on the new Penal and Civil codes.
Minstry of Justice
Legal experts who were involved in drafting the new laws presented several papers at the seminar. The Minister of Justice, Ms. Fozia Hashim, underlined that intensive efforts were made to ensure the coherence, efficacy and applicability of the new legal provisions. She further indicated that the new basic laws were prepared in all nationality languages.

Brig. General Abraha Kassa, Head of the National Security Agency, emphasized for his part, the need to make all the necessary preparations to put the new legal provisions into effect.

Brig. General Abraha Kassa

The Ministry of Justice had given similar lectures to Judges, prosecutors as well to members of the Ministry Information in previous weeks.

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