Minister Yemane Participates at EU Conference



Asmara, o1 December 2016- Mr. Yemane Ghebremeskel, Minister of Information, has participated at a conference on issues pertaining to Eritrea held on 28 November at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Mr. Brian Hayes, member of the European Parliament and VITA, an Irish NGO which is currently active in Eritrea, jointly hosted the conference that was held under the theme: “Eritrea-Opportunity for Development Innovation”.

In a statement he made at the opening ceremony, Mr. Hayes said that the conference that is the first of its kind is aimed at correcting the negative image that Eritrea has been portrayed by some media outlets and to reflect the practical and realistic observations about Eritrea by those who visited and worked in Eritrea.

Mr. Hayes also shared his impression and experience of his visit to Eritrea and expressed his strong conviction that positive outcomes could be achieved through constructive engagement and cooperation with the country.

Mr. Yemane on his part gave extensive briefing as regards the national policies for sustainable economic development, the optimistic and trustworthy economic policies of the Eritrean Government, procedures and regulations for multiple and bilateral partnerships as well as on the encouraging policies for investment opportunities and other areas of development.

Mr. Yemane underlined that Eritrea in past 25 years has put in place firm foundation that guarantee sustainable economic development and social justice despite the TPLF’s war of aggression, the unjust and illegal sanctions imposed on Eritrea and external conspiracies.

Papers related to mutual partnership and cooperation between Eritrea and the EU, development programs that are being carried out in Eritrea in partnership with VITA (an Irish NGO), UN organizations as well as potash mining activities being carried out since 2009 were presented in the conference.

In their presentations the officials and experts that include Ms. Christine Umutoni, UN Resident Coordinator /UNDP Representative in Eritrea, explained their affirmative experiences and called on the international community for strong engagement and cooperation with Eritrea.


The conference was attended by members of the European Parliament, heads of European Commission, friends of Eritrea, Eritreans from various European countries as well as heads of international organizations.

Meanwhile, the Eritrean delegation led by Minister Yemane along with Mr. Negasi Kassa, Ambassador of Eritrea to the EU, met and held talks with various EU officials as regards reinforcing mutual cooperation.

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